1. FASTCALL microbenchmarks

    For my FASTCALL project (CPython optimization avoiding temporary tuples and dictionaries to pass arguments), I wrote many short microbenchmarks. I grouped them into a new Git repository: pymicrobench. Benchmark results are required by CPython developers to prove that an optimization is worth it. It's not uncommon that I abandon a …

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  2. The start of the FASTCALL project

    False start

    In April 2016, I experimented a Python change to avoid temporary tuple to call functions. Builtin functions were between 20 and 50% faster!

    Sadly, some benchmarks were randomy slower. It will take me four months to understand why!

    Work on benchmarks

    During four months, I worked on making …

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  3. My contributions to CPython during 2016 Q4

    My contributions to CPython during 2016 Q4 (october, november, december):

    hg log -r 'date("2016-10-01"):date("2016-12-31")' --no-merges -u Stinner

    Statistics: 105 non-merge commits + 31 merge commits (total: 136 commits).

    Previous report: My contributions to CPython during 2016 Q3.

    Table of Contents:

    • Python startup performance regression
    • Optimizations
    • Code placement and …
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  4. CPython sprint, september 2016

    I was invited at my first CPython sprint in September! Five days, September 5-9, at Instagram office in California, USA. The sprint was sponsored by Instagram, Microsoft, and the PSF.

    First little game: Many happy faces, but Where is Victor?

    CPython developers at the Facebook sprint

    IMHO it was the most productive CPython week ever :-) Having …

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