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  1. FASTCALL issues

    Here is the raw list of the 46 CPython issues I opended between 2016-04-21 and 2017-02-10 to implement my FASTCALL optimization. Most issues created in 2016 are already part of Python 3.6.0, some are already merged into the future Python 3.7, the few remaining issues are still ...

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  2. FASTCALL microbenchmarks

    For my FASTCALL project (CPython optimization avoiding temporary tuples and dictionaries to pass arguments), I wrote many short microbenchmarks. I grouped them into a new Git repository: pymicrobench. Benchmark results are required by CPython developers to prove that an optimization is worth it. It's not uncommon that I abandon ...

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  3. The start of the FASTCALL project

    False start

    In April 2016, I experimented a Python change to avoid temporary tuple to call functions. Builtin functions were between 20 and 50% faster!

    Sadly, some benchmarks were randomy slower. It will take me four months to understand why!

    Work on benchmarks

    During four months, I worked on making ...

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  4. My contributions to CPython during 2016 Q4

    My contributions to CPython during 2016 Q4 (october, november, december):

    hg log -r 'date("2016-10-01"):date("2016-12-31")' --no-merges -u Stinner

    Statistics: 105 non-merge commits + 31 merge commits (total: 136 commits).

    Previous report: My contributions to CPython during 2016 Q3.

    Table of Contents:

    • Python startup performance regression
    • Optimizations
    • Code placement and ...
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  5. CPython sprint, september 2016

    I was invited at my first CPython sprint in September! Five days, September 5-9, at Instagram office in California, USA. The sprint was sponsored by Instagram, Microsoft, and the PSF.

    First little game: Many happy faces, but Where is Victor?

    CPython developers at the Facebook sprint

    IMHO it was the most productive CPython week ever :-) Having ...

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